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 The author Miroslav Caban a climber, a traveller, a photographer.

I have been taking panorama pictures since 1997. In April of that year, I visited National Parks of the USA. Other exceptional snapshots of my life come from the Alps and South America (taken 1998 - 2001). A significant period was the year of 2002, when I took panorama pictures at the summit of Mount Everest, which I climbed without any breathing aparatus on 17 May 2002. The performance started my long photographing and climbing career, guided by a daring goal to climb summits of all continents. The project was called “7 Summits”.
On 22 August 2005 I managed to finish the project successfully in New Guinea. I became the second person in the world to reach such a goal without breathing aparatus (the first one was Reinhold Messner).
On each continent, I took about three thousand pictures. One third of them were panorama pictures. In the course of time I became interested not only in mountains, but also in other artifacts – such as cities, unusual places and other.

Have a beuatiful time in the world of Miroslav Caban photographs.
The panoramas make a nice complement to any modern interior. They can be ordered using this web site in various dimensions, up to 3m in width..

Information on my mountaineering experience is to be found at .

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Indepa, s.r.o. was established in 2004 as the company engaging in production and distribution of photographic panoramatic pictures in interiors. The own name is consisted of the first two letters of words „interior – design – panoramas„
The aforementioned company was established by Ing. Miroslav Caban and Dana Cabanová. Nowadays, our company is not only engaged in the sale of pictures but also distribution of photos for a various use (advertisement, calendar, …). We ourselves produce pictures of panoramas and photos on our own equipment up to final shape for hanging on the wall. All our products are made from the highest quality materials under 10-year guarantee for colour stability. It is given by using laminating foil with a high UV factor. Our offer of photographic shots is permanently updated and extended. Our company aims at your satisfaction.


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